The bed of your pickup truck is designed to allow you to carry cargo, but if it is unprotected, the paint can get easily scratched, and things can slide around as you drive. Adding a rubber truck bed mat can help prevent both, but it is essential that you get the right mat to perform well for you.

Custom Fit Bed Mats

There are many truck bed mats on the market that you can use in your truck, but finding one that fits snuggly in the bed of your truck is essential. The bed mat should be shaped to fit each contour of the bed floor and sidewalls to ensure that it can not slide around or move once it is installed.

Universal mats are available at a low cost, but often you need to trim them to fit the truck bed, or they will not work well. A mat that slides around can allow the cargo in the bed to move with it, defeating the purpose of having the truck bed mat in the cargo area.

Rubber Thickness

Consider the thickness of the truck bed mats you are looking at before purchasing one. The mat should be made of natural rubber, not plastic, and should be heavy enough to absorb impacts in the truck's bed. A high-quality rubber truck bed mat can be three-eighths to half an inch thick, and genuine rubber mats will not absorb water or chemicals spilled on them. 

Often the natural rubber mats are made from recycled products like old tires, so you can feel good about helping protect the environment as you solve a problem in the cargo area of your pickup truck. If the truck bed mat is made from a blend of rubber and plastics, it may not stand up to weather as well and could start to absorb water over time, causing the material to break down, and eventually, you will need to replace it. 

Bed Mat Installation

When installing a rubber truck bed mat in the bed of your pickup, it is vital that you purchase a mat made specifically for your truck so it will fit correctly. Before putting the mat in the truck, sweep the bed out thoroughly to ensure that nothing is under the mat once it is in place. Dirt and other materials trapped under the mat can damage the paint if they are allowed to remain. 

Position the mat at the front of the bed and unroll it, making sure it is straight, and all the cutouts fit with the contours of the truck bed. When the truck bed mat is positioned correctly, it should lay completely flat in the bed and not slide or move around when you are driving, loading, or unloading the truck.

If you're looking for a truck bed mat, contact a local supplier today.